The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Apprenticeship Program is a program owned and coordinated by Yuut Elitnaurviat – The People’s Learning Center.

Currently the YK Delta Apprenticeship program manages apprentices in the following fields: Commercial Carpentry, Commercial Electrical, and Commercial Plumbing.

There are currently no apprenticeship openings available.

Persons interested in applying need to speak with the Director of Programs, Jeremy Osborne, during the 30-day Announcement of Opening period or before applying. He can be reached in person at Yuut Elitnaurviat or by calling (907) 543-0999.
The application can be accessed by clicking here.

 The minimum qualifications to apply are:

  1. Shall be at least 18 years of age.
  2. A high school graduate or GED (general education diploma) certificate is required.
  3. Shall possess the basic aptitudes essential for acquiring the skills and proficiency of the trade.
  4. Shall be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the occupation without endangering the health and safety of themselves and/or fellow workers.
  5. Shall be a 12-month Alaska State resident prior to the date the application is accepted.
  6. Regardless of how one qualifies for apprenticeship, following selection, but prior to indenture, all individuals being offered an apprenticeship will be required to pass a drug screen test. All individuals being offered an apprenticeship will be required to pass a background check that is consistent with state and local licensing standards.

Supporting documentation required:

Copy of your Birth Certificate
Proof of a high school diploma or GED and official high school and post-secondary transcripts
Form DD-214 for military experience
A valid driver’s license

All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and complete an application will be interviewed and rated. Apprentices will be selected in order of their ranking received at an interview.
The recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship shall be without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.