Certificate in Construction and Maintenance

Our Construction classes utilize the National Center for Construction Education and Research’s curriculum. The majority of courses in our Certificate in Construction and Maintenance are accredited through University of Alaska Fairbanks – Interior Aleutians Campus. Our Certificate program requires a total of 845 hours of construction related training and two university humanities classes. The entire program can be finished in approximately one semester. All construction students are required to complete most classes in either fall or spring semester and attend a summer course in early May.  Students who are interested in our certificate programs should check the detail program’s requirements below.

Program Requirements:

Course Title  University Credits  Hours
CTT 100: Construction Technology Core 3 120
CTT 106: Construction Mathematics 3 45
CTT 150: Residential Plumbing 4 80
CTT 110: Residential Carpentry Level I 8.5 160
DEVS 150: Life Work Planning 1 15
CTT 170: Residential Electrical Level I 9 160
CTT 115: Residential Carpentry Level  II 160
DEVS 104: University Communications 1 15
CTT 193: Boilers, Burners, & Residential Oil Heaters 2 40
CTT 135: Boiler Troubleshooting and Boiler Repair 2 80
Total 33.5 875


DEVS 104: University Communications – Introduces the methods of communication required at the college level. Students will work on writing as well as reading comprehension skills. Students will develop reading and writing skills by keeping a journal, reading a novel, and writing an essay.

Prerequisite: CTT 100

Co-requisite: CTT 170

Course Fee: Waived if taking CTT170

Course Length: 13 hrs

DEVS 150: Life Work Planning – Students learn about planning for a satisfying career choice based on realistic assessments. The goal is to teach students to evaluate potential careers, and make both educational and job search plans.

Prerequisites: CTT 100

Co-requisite: CTT 110

Course Fee: Waived if taking CTT 110

Course Length: 13 hrs


All classes are offered at Yuut Elitnaurviat. Please check our website regularly for updated training schedule.