Driver Education

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The Yuut Driving Academy (YDA) was created in 2008 with the goal of getting residents of the YK Delta high-wage jobs by helping them obtain their Alaska Driver License. Currently, the YDA is the only state-certified driving school, administrator of the Defensive Driving Course, Third Party Class D Road Tester, and Third Party CDL Road Tester in Western Alaska. We also employ the only instructor certified to teach the AAA Driver Improvement Course in Bethel.

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Lessons and Classes we Offer:

Permit Class (2-3 hrs. $60 per person)
YDA’s Permit Class covers information you need to know from the Alaska DMV manual.  In addition to covering the rules and regulations involved with driving in Alaska, the course helps you identify and understand road signs, and even goes over taking a multiple choice test.  With small class sizes, group learning, and numerous practice tests to help you prepare, our permit class can help you whether you’ve never taken the DMV Written test before, or failed it numerous times.

Defensive Driving Class (8 hrs. $100 per person)
Taught using the AAA Driver Improvement Course curriculum, YDA’s Defensive Driving Class covers eight hours of classroom material using hands on demonstrations, interactive videos, and an engaging supplementary PowerPoint presentation.  Upon the successful completion of the Class, students will receive a certificate which can remove 2 points a year from your license or remove a first time traffic conviction with court approval.  For non-offenders taking the class, the certificate can get you a discount on your car insurance with your insurance company’s approval.


Road Test (1 hr. $100 per person)
If you’re ready to take your Alaska Road Test, but you don’t have a vehicle or don’t want to wait for an appointment at the DMV, come take your road test with the YDA.  As Western Alaska’s only state approved 3
rd party tester, passing your road test with the YDA allows you to go to the DMV and get your Driver License.  The YDA’s road test also comes with the use of a fully licensed, fully insured, vehicle which passes a yearly state inspection.


Winter Driving Class (1hr. $80 per person)
If you’ve just moved to Bethel and are uncomfortable with driving on icy roads, or you’ve lived here for years and want to know how to stop slipping around, the YDA’s Winter Driving Class is what you’re looking for.  This one hour lesson behind-the-wheel with a YDA instructor will teach you how to use ABS brakes on ice and snow, how to control skids, and show you safe winter driving practices.


Driving Academy (Up to 8 hrs behind-the-wheel $550 per person)
If you’ve never driven before, and want to learn from a certified professional, come take the YDA’s Driving Academy.  Learn one-on-one with a YDA instructor while you sit behind the wheel of our fully insured driving vehicle.  Our program cost is half the cost of the same program in Anchorage, and includes the Winter Driving Class, Road Test, and Defensive Driving Course.  Flexible weekly lesson times are available to suit any schedule.