Health Care Training

Students must have a completely clean criminal background due to Alaska Board of Nursing regulations and the short duration of the training.

Contact 907-543-0993 for more information.

HLTH F107 – Nurse Aide Training30 days; 240 hours. Prerequisites: High School Diploma or GED, minimum of eighteen (18) years old, Accuplacer reading score of 65 or permission of instructor. Student must be in good physical condition and have the following immunizations: Chickenpox, Hepatitis B series, two MMRs, a PPD two-step testing process within previous 12 months of the clinical component of class. Maximum class size of 8 students.

Course delivered through the University of Alaska Fairbanks; qualifies for 9 credits. Teaches basic nursing skills necessary to assist the nurse and be an efficient health care team member. Presents positive communication skills while providing care of residents’ physical and emotional needs in a variety of health care settings. Content satisfies the theory and clinical skills needed to take the State of Alaska exam to become a Certified Nurse Aide.

To complete the training, the student must receive at least 70% of all possible points, complete all required lab exercises, and not violate Yuut Elitnaurviat’s Attendance, Student Conduct, Zero Tolerance, or Arrests and Convictions Policies. If the student takes and passes the Alaska Certified Nurse Aide Test they can receive an Alaska Certified Nurse Aide License. An Alaska Certified Nurse Aide License is a minimum requirement for any job which requires the applicant to be a Certified Nurse Aide.

*NOTE: Having a conviction for a Barrier Crime in your criminal background may reduce your ability to receive employment in the field of Healthcare. The complete list of Barrier Crimes can be found under 7 AAC 10.905 of the Alaska Administrative Code.